Monday, April 5, 2010

Honda Freed Coming soon!

If you walk by Pavillion KL recently, you will noticed that Honda Malaysia had posted up a huge billboard at the Esprit side previewing this...

Yea! Its Honda Freed, the long awaited compact MPV from Honda finally arrive our shores. Honda Malaysia told that it will be launched end of this month!

The billboard also hinting that the MPV will have 2 auto power sliding door for the rear door! Its really great feature make the Freed look classy.

Imagine the Toyota Alphard / Estima sliding door behind that can be open in motorized way!

It is powered by Honda 1.5 litter engine putting out 118ps! So it will not be under-power for this MPV for your concern.

According to Honda SA, this Freed will be selling at RM120k, so guys and girls, prepare your savings if you want to get 1!

In Thailand, its selling around RM95k, but our tax structure had bump the price up. Anyway, this is still a good MPV that is worth to get.

Here is Mugen designed Honda Freed, pretty cool isn't it? Its my dream MPV for now. Maybe after 3 to 5 years? My vios just 1 1/2 years old. LOL!

Such a big crowd n que!

Today is 5th of April, 2010... watch the amazing crowd below...

Wow! Its such a huge crowd n que this morning, 7am at Tarcollege of Setapak!

What are they waiting for? Concert ticket give-away?

NO! Today is TARC Parking Sticker Application day!

Applause for the student that able to make it infront the counter at 5am! Applause... Clap clap clap...

This trully shows that TARC students amount can easily flood any event of the earth! There is so many students in TARC and most of them with car.(Include me... paiseh) LOL. Means many rich fella....(Not ME!!!)

Anyway, total of 2200 sticker will be given to applicant on first come first serve basis. Dear TARCIAN! If you haven apply, Please do so today! Else you will be regret as your car cant enter college. LOL

TARCIAN, GOGOGO get your parking sticker today!

(p/s: its not free sticker, rm20 per year, but still worth your que... so cheap!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movie time: The Haunting In Connecticut

yea! watch tis so called horror movie with my buddy, Peggie last sunday night at Cathay Cineplex @ The curve!

and thanks Peggie for accompany me that nite! aww~ ^^

Well, this movie is talking about a pity cancer ill-ed teenager. His family decided to rent a place nearby a hospital and here where the stories began.

The house is haunted due to the activity done in the past inside the house by ex-owner in 1800's era. Finally, the teenage decided to revenge...

This ain't a new movie, its on cinema on year 2009 in US cinema. Luckily, we still able to enjoy this movie now although its abit late. From 5 star i would rate 3 star to this movie.

So lets go and watch it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally... 450D is my 1st DSLR...

Hey ya! Thanks for everyone that left comments in fb, msn, or here ya!

after considering, i bought a Canon EOS 450D... =)

bought it from Lowyat Plaza...

The cost?

RM2100 for the camera, memory card, bag.
RM50 for Digieye TR4500 tripod.
RM170 for Hoya Polarizer UV filter.

so total i spent RM2320 on this machine... Is the Hoya lens i really bought it overprice? Some of my friends say so. T.T

ANYWAY, IM STILL A BEGINNER AKA NOOBIE! I need you guys suggestion on how to utilize my camera. would appreciate if you guys give me suggestion ya!

Heres my 1st trial shoot @ titiwangsa lake.

Canon EOS 450D, f/5.6, 1.6sec, EV 0, ISO 200, Focal lengh 55mm

Canon EOS 450D, f/6.3, 6 sec, EV 0, ISO200, Focal lengh 55mm

ps: excuse my poor photo angle...4get to bring tripod... =.='

Lesson: Never forget tripod when going for skyline shot...

Conclusion: Seriously i need someone to improve my photography skills... ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally can afford dslr... 1000D/450D or D3000?

Just home from Low Yat Plaza after surveying DSLR prices.

Now in my consideration would be 1000D, 450D or Nikon's D3000.

I have the budgets to go up to 450D so its a dilemma. Because im wondering if 450D is by a grade better than 1000D?


About D3000, i know it have no live view feature and heard that it do not support many types of lens, so it will definitely restrict my lens upgrade in future, the only point of considering this is its price.

So how? any user of 450D, 1000D or D3000 like to share your idea?

P/S: Wonder if there is still anybody read my blog, i had put it aside since months ago due to lackage of camera. LOL!

If you read this, i need HELP!!!!!!! Getting this tomorrow. >.<

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy new year 2010! Countdown @ Genting Highland

Hi! 1st of all, Happy New Year!

Wish everyone have a whole year of fun and enjoyment ya!

Well, i spend my 31st December night at Genting Highland with my friends and also my darling. Enjoy all my moment with them, next time hang around again ya!

Moment before countdown...

The crowd is so huge there... until the police have to close the esclator to Genting Hotel entrance! Luckily my dear ask me to go Resort Hotel entrance. If not i guess i will be stuck in Genting Hotel! Phew!

Reach the countdown and met with my dear at 11.20pm... 40minutes later...

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


Oops! It is so misty la!!! Alamak... firework wasted! == 11.55pm that time the sky still clear. Suddenly the mist just come right before 12am...sweat! Anyway, i had edited the above picture and attach here too! It look much better right? =P

Luckily, there is still time where there is lesser mist during the 10 minutes... here are the shots!

This looks like if we are in the galaxy! I love this picture the most from all of my capture that night!

Another firework photos... so red... Gong Xi Fa Cai? hehe

Too bad the mist is still heavy during most of the 10 minute firework duration... Pity us and also pity the Genting for wasting so many firework in heavy mist!

The mist cause us unable to see the firework clearly besides some shadow and boom boom boom sound effect. lol...

Saw this cute little showman when we go back...

This year my new year isn't perfect as my friend are persuading me to go in casino with them and i loose money. sobsob... but anyway... the lucky thing is this year i able to celebrate my 2nd new year again with my dear... so happy...

Ok! The end...

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fat Cai...

Huat ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cameron Highlands - Part 1

Well, i had visited Cameron Highlands on 29 November. Here are the photos i take... Note, it gonna be long and in few part.

Lets start with our 1st stop...

1st stop: RESTAURANT PIN ZHEN Bidor,Perak

Their signature noodles, duck's drumstick noodle is simply so delicious! Go early or you will regret as they sold out. During the day i go, the noodle sold out as early as 11.30am and you have to wait 2 hours if sold out as they need to do again.

Another famous stuff for the shop, Bidor Chicky Biskuit (Kai Zai Beng) and Hiong Beng is so hot selling till you have to make a long que to buy it over the counter!

Pictures says all! This is a Siew Pao stall in the Restaurant, their Wu Kok and Siew Pao is really delicious and beats almost all restaurant in KL! Thumbs up for the old uncle that make this!

Well, this restaurant is located right beside the Bidor Main road, coming out from Bidor Toll you will just need to turn right to the main road.

2nd Stop: Cameron Valley Tea Plantation Farm and Cafe

Next, we head our ways to our resort destination, Brinchang of Cameron Highlands.

The journey up to Cameron via Tapah - Cameron Road. The road is steep and with tight corners, becareful when you use this road. I recommend to use Simpang Pulai - Cameron road as it is wider.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall is along the road, i promise myself that i will stop by on our way back to home.

We continue our journey to Cameron Highlands and we saw a very nice scenery make us stop.

Where is it? Its Cameron Valley Tea Plantation Farm & Cafe!

The tea is all over the mountain and there is a cafe here for us to enjoy our tea with the farm view!

Me @ Cameron Valley cafe

After having tea in the cafe, we decided to walk around the tea plantation farm.

The sky are blue, the leaves are green, so peaceful! =)

My Dad

My mum

Me & my mum

The Tea plantation farm is located along the way to Tapah - Cameron Highland Road. Between Ringlet and Tanah Rata town.

Well, seems i had posted alot today, so stay tuned ya! Will post more when im free later.

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