Monday, April 5, 2010

Such a big crowd n que!

Today is 5th of April, 2010... watch the amazing crowd below...

Wow! Its such a huge crowd n que this morning, 7am at Tarcollege of Setapak!

What are they waiting for? Concert ticket give-away?

NO! Today is TARC Parking Sticker Application day!

Applause for the student that able to make it infront the counter at 5am! Applause... Clap clap clap...

This trully shows that TARC students amount can easily flood any event of the earth! There is so many students in TARC and most of them with car.(Include me... paiseh) LOL. Means many rich fella....(Not ME!!!)

Anyway, total of 2200 sticker will be given to applicant on first come first serve basis. Dear TARCIAN! If you haven apply, Please do so today! Else you will be regret as your car cant enter college. LOL

TARCIAN, GOGOGO get your parking sticker today!

(p/s: its not free sticker, rm20 per year, but still worth your que... so cheap!)


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