Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movie time: The Haunting In Connecticut

yea! watch tis so called horror movie with my buddy, Peggie last sunday night at Cathay Cineplex @ The curve!

and thanks Peggie for accompany me that nite! aww~ ^^

Well, this movie is talking about a pity cancer ill-ed teenager. His family decided to rent a place nearby a hospital and here where the stories began.

The house is haunted due to the activity done in the past inside the house by ex-owner in 1800's era. Finally, the teenage decided to revenge...

This ain't a new movie, its on cinema on year 2009 in US cinema. Luckily, we still able to enjoy this movie now although its abit late. From 5 star i would rate 3 star to this movie.

So lets go and watch it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally... 450D is my 1st DSLR...

Hey ya! Thanks for everyone that left comments in fb, msn, or here ya!

after considering, i bought a Canon EOS 450D... =)

bought it from Lowyat Plaza...

The cost?

RM2100 for the camera, memory card, bag.
RM50 for Digieye TR4500 tripod.
RM170 for Hoya Polarizer UV filter.

so total i spent RM2320 on this machine... Is the Hoya lens i really bought it overprice? Some of my friends say so. T.T

ANYWAY, IM STILL A BEGINNER AKA NOOBIE! I need you guys suggestion on how to utilize my camera. would appreciate if you guys give me suggestion ya!

Heres my 1st trial shoot @ titiwangsa lake.

Canon EOS 450D, f/5.6, 1.6sec, EV 0, ISO 200, Focal lengh 55mm

Canon EOS 450D, f/6.3, 6 sec, EV 0, ISO200, Focal lengh 55mm

ps: excuse my poor photo angle...4get to bring tripod... =.='

Lesson: Never forget tripod when going for skyline shot...

Conclusion: Seriously i need someone to improve my photography skills... ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally can afford dslr... 1000D/450D or D3000?

Just home from Low Yat Plaza after surveying DSLR prices.

Now in my consideration would be 1000D, 450D or Nikon's D3000.

I have the budgets to go up to 450D so its a dilemma. Because im wondering if 450D is by a grade better than 1000D?


About D3000, i know it have no live view feature and heard that it do not support many types of lens, so it will definitely restrict my lens upgrade in future, the only point of considering this is its price.

So how? any user of 450D, 1000D or D3000 like to share your idea?

P/S: Wonder if there is still anybody read my blog, i had put it aside since months ago due to lackage of camera. LOL!

If you read this, i need HELP!!!!!!! Getting this tomorrow. >.<
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