Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie time : Obsessed

Obsessed is a good movie i think worth watching especially for couple to pay for watch!

The storyline is about the marriage life of a black man staring by Idris Elba and a hot black housewife staring by Beyonce, being interupted by a white lady (Ali Larter).

The marriage of them almost perfect with a lovely child, but not until a white lady comes working in his office. She is hot and takes him as her target. She did countless action trying to destroy his marriage. And because of trust, Idris and Beyonce didn't affected by her and revenge on her action.

Its a real hot movie that i would like to recommend to all of you guys if you guys haven watch it! The storyline is extremely close to our real life couple relationship which needs trust. Watch it and who knows? It can improve your relationship with your love one!
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