Monday, April 5, 2010

Honda Freed Coming soon!

If you walk by Pavillion KL recently, you will noticed that Honda Malaysia had posted up a huge billboard at the Esprit side previewing this...

Yea! Its Honda Freed, the long awaited compact MPV from Honda finally arrive our shores. Honda Malaysia told that it will be launched end of this month!

The billboard also hinting that the MPV will have 2 auto power sliding door for the rear door! Its really great feature make the Freed look classy.

Imagine the Toyota Alphard / Estima sliding door behind that can be open in motorized way!

It is powered by Honda 1.5 litter engine putting out 118ps! So it will not be under-power for this MPV for your concern.

According to Honda SA, this Freed will be selling at RM120k, so guys and girls, prepare your savings if you want to get 1!

In Thailand, its selling around RM95k, but our tax structure had bump the price up. Anyway, this is still a good MPV that is worth to get.

Here is Mugen designed Honda Freed, pretty cool isn't it? Its my dream MPV for now. Maybe after 3 to 5 years? My vios just 1 1/2 years old. LOL!


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